Approximations Everywhere
An Exhibition, 2 Poster Displays, A Museological Collaboration & an Artist Talk by Nile Sunset Annex + ART BAR

Makan Art Space hosted the first exhibition of Nile Sunset Annex's contemporary art collection in Amman. Displayed in Makan's library, the show consists of miniaturized replicas of artworks by 15 artists, while in the kitchen there was a pint-sized iteration of Nile Sunset Annex's archive of posters from art exhibitions in Egypt in the past 25 years. This was mirrored by a second, new archive of Jordanian posters.

Also on display was their newly commissioned collaboration with The Experience of Jordanian Museology, a research project by Noura Al Khasawneh, Yaser Amad and Noura Salem, which looks into the current state of Jordan’s surprisingly many and varied museums and collections.

On Monday, November 24 at 6:30 pm Nile Sunset Annex gave a colorful image-based presentation about how they emerged out of the context of the art scene in Egypt. As an evolving production and dispersion outfit, they have created an interesting model of being artists and working with artists. The talk highlighted their dedication to experimentally collecting and producing art objects, exhibitions and publications.

And on Thursday, November 27 Nile Sunset Annex Art Bar opened at 7:30 pm where one could enjoy special cocktails surrounded by an archive of Egyptian and Jordanian exhibition posters and cultural ephemera.